Unitus to invest 5 crore in Aadhaar UID startups

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Starting with Khosla Labs’ Aadhaar Hackathon, Unitus seeks to invest in 3-4 Indian startups in 2015 that are leveraging the Aadhaar platform

Calling India’s software professionals and technology savants: With over 70 crore individuals’ identities registered in India, Aadhaar’s national identity system is quickly becoming a uniquely powerful platform enabling a new generation of business, social and government applications.aadhaar-logo




Aadhaar-linked startups to get Rs. 5 crore from Unitus Khosla Labs, Unitus Ventures To Back Aadhaar Based Startups

Unitus commits capital and support to Aadhaar startups

Unitus believes that with the backing of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his new central government, Aadhaar is now ready to be deployed across a variety of innovative business applications. The reach of Aadhaar enables services to scale up much more quickly. Read our post, Looking Behind the Aadhaar Curtain for a description of the Aadhaar technology ecosystem and some of our thoughts on potential applications for Aadhaar.

Fueled by the unprecedented level of developer interest in the upcoming Aadhaar Hackathon, Unitus has set aside INR 5 crore to invest as seed capital in 3-4 startups that leverage the Aadhaar platform to reach the masses with new services in India.

Additionally, Unitus Ventures is partnering with Khosla Labs to launch a business incubation program exclusively for Aadhaar startups, in 2015. More details coming soon.

Full disclosure: Vinod Khosla is an investor in Unitus Ventures


Aadhaar Hackathon has already received over 900 registrations for only 100 seats!

Khosla Labs is hosting the first ever Aadhaar Hackathon on 10 January 2015 in Bangalore.


At the Aadhaar Hackathon, you will:

  • Learn to integrate with Aadhaar in 1 hour
  • Validate your idea with Aadhaar leaders and experts in the country
  • Build a complete Aadhaar-integrated app  in 24 hours
  • Win exciting prizes – cash and more!

Register for the Aadhaar Hackathon

Unitus is also investing in Education startups.

Learn about our StartEdu contest with 10 lakhs in prizes >
Learn more about Unitus Ventures >

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