Unitus Ventures Releases New India Livelihoods Report

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New report covers the livelihoods challenges, opportunities, policies and players facing India as 1 billion poor people seek a better future ahead

We are pleased to release our newest market report No Handouts Required: The big opportunity to improve the livelihoods of 1 billion poor in India.

Cover Page for No Handouts Required

We believe that improving livelihoods opportunities is a good investment

Since the founding of Unitus, one of the key questions we have strove to address has been: How can we improve the income, in one way or another, of those who are poor? When you can invest into a person’s ability to generate more income, instead of giving them a handout, there are all sorts of rippling implications. As the amount of money in a person’s pocket increases, so does the amount of choice in their lives. And it is choice that empowers the poor with the ability to select how they want to invest into a better future, be it on better education, healthcare, a business venture, or a home.

Read complete India Livelihoods Report Here

This report is comprised of 10 articles on India’s livelihood sector in which we explore:

1. No Handouts Required – A Hand Up to a Better Livelihood
2. Realizing India’s Demographic Dividend: Gainfully Employing a Billion Person Workforce
3. India’s Economic Growth Depends on Massively Improved Skilling
4. Four Key Areas Transforming Livelihoods In India
5. Our Livelihood 75 – 75 Companies Transforming India’s Livelihoods
6. Who’s Picking Up the Check? Financing the Training of 500M by 2022
7. Splitting The Check: Partnerships Key to Training 500M by 2022
8. Disrupting Exploitive Supply Chains: Comparing Two Approaches Enabling India’s Artisans
9. mCommerce: Transforming Business As Usual For India’s BoP
10. mCommerce: Why India’s Future is in the Palm of Its Hand

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