Unitus Ventures releases new Impact Measurement Guide

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Guide describing Unitus Ventures’s approach to impact measurement with actionable templates for different types of businesses across multiple sectors

We are pleased to release our first guide to measure impact aimed at seed-stage entrepreneurs and investors:

Download Impact Measurement: The Unitus Ventures Way >

Cover Page for Impact Measurement
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Addressing the Measurement Challenge

We began exploring impact measurement frameworks with the two objectives:

  • The metrics should add value to business operations for the fund and its portfolio companies, and
  • The metrics should make us accountable and transparent to investors about the social and financial impact created.

Considering early-stage businesses’ lack of human and financial resources to invest in measurement, we designed a right-sized adaptive framework taking a collaborative approach with entrepreneurs. The guide throws light on our approach, methodology and metrics, and provides downloadable templates for various types of businesses across sectors.


More about Measuring Impact >

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