Unitus Ventures Entrepreneur Newsletter- May 2015

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Vinod Khosla: Be Wary of “Stupid Advice”
Silicon Valley is full of consultants and venture capitalists who have never been a CEO or company founder. By and large, says Khosla, their advice is worthless. Although there are exceptions, the only people whose advice to an entrepreneur is worth heeding are those who have worked at a startup, he says. Complete article here.


What Silicon Valley can Learn from Seoul
South Korean companies are building software for smartphones that’s chaotic, multi-functional & exciting- everything that American apps aren’t. South Korea’s biggest start-ups are still dwarfed by the behemoths of California. But the Valley is keen to learn from their businesses, many of which turn healthy profits- something that many celebrated startups don’t do. Complete article here.


7 Top Futurists Make Predictions About What  Next Decade Will Bring
From smartphones apps that can do seemingly everything to driverless cars and eerily humanlike robots, the past decade has seen dramatic advances in science and technology. What amazing advances are we likely to see in the next 10 years? Complete article here.


A New Inning for Impact Investing
It wasn’t that long ago that the impact investing sector was seen as a small silo comprised of people and organizations who believed it was possible for investors to achieve both a financial and social return- sometime concessionary, sometime not. This changed in the last year as entities from the traditional financial sector started coming in off the bench. Complete articlehere.

On-Demand Autos are a Blessing in Disguise
From having to stand at the corner of a street waving haplessly at every auto that went past, empty but unwilling to stop, or stopping but unwilling to take you where you want to go, or willing to take you but at twice the fair price. The on-demand economy might just be what finally redeems the auto story. Complete blog here.

Can Tech Entrepreneurs Understand Healthcare Services Better?
The key challenge faced by would-be disruptive entrepreneurs in healthcare space is to understand the ways in which this sector remains fundamentally different. Complete blog here.

Indian women carry water pots to collect drinking water in Purulia,300km (186 miles) west from the eastern Indian city of Calcutta, June 5, 2003. Indians prayed for rain at temples and mosques as the death toll from a heat wave sweeping the country neared 1,150 on Wednesday. The United Nations marked world environment day on Thursday with a focus on water, saying two billion people were dying for it. REUTERS/Jayanta Shaw    PP03060014 JS/DL - RTROWEA
Selling Clean Water is a Dirty Business
Although for-profit companies are trying creative approaches, water for the rural population is still a difficult business to crack. Most venture capital funds and impact investors have stayed away from the sector in India due to complexities involved in building a successful water business. Complete blog here.

Medical Device Ecosystem in India
Medical Device market in India was $6.3 billion in 2013 and is projected to grow to $42 billion by 2025. This market growth will be accompanied by still-low levels of per capita spend resulting in a growing need, and market, for affordable MedTech innovation. Complete blog here.

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