UE LifeSciences’ TED Talk with Shah Rukh Khan

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UE LifeSciences’ flagship device, iBreastExam is a high-tech, ultra-portable and radiation-free device that is making breast cancer early detection accessible to women everywhere.

It’s a SUPER BIG DEAL that our investee UE LifeSciences‘ founder Mihir Shah’s episode titled, “A new technique to save women’s lives from breast cancer” made it to TED Talks India: Nayi Soch’s first 5 episodes.

The issue of breast cancer

  1. Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer in women worldwide with 67 million new cases diagnosed annually (150,000 in India). One in every two diagnosed women are dying of breast cancer.
  2. Research estimates an addition of approximately 750,000 new breast cancer cases by 2020.
  3. India has an abysmal 10,000 radiologists serving more than a billion people as opposed to the US that has 100,000 radiologists serving 400 million people. There is a critical healthcare resource gap.
  4. In traditional mammography, the detection accuracy among younger women is only 50-60 per cent.

Here’s the video for your full viewing:

Why UE LifeSciences’ iBreastExam is a game-changer

  1. UE LifeSciences’ flagship device iBreastExam is a hand-held, painless and radiation-free device that can detect breast cancer in under 5 minutes.
  2. In clinical trials iBreastExam has been 19 percent more accurate than a doctor’s physical examination. It has also been observed that it is 86 percent more likely to detect a knot in the breast than a mammogram.
  3. More than 75, 000 women have already been screened and 100+ cancer cases have been detected.
  4. UE LifeSciences’ recently entered into a partnership with GE Healthcare to scale iBreastExam adoption in 25+ countries and reach over 500 million women.

This video was originally posted on TED website.


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