Still Possible to Invest from India in Unitus Domestic Fund

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This week we are honored to have a number of prominent new investors announced for our fund, both from India and USA. ONLY for those investing from India, it’s still possible today – extending until early December – to invest in our rupee-denominated SEBI-approved fund


An investment now gives you exposure to thirteen exciting companies already in our portfolio, as well as the 15-20 more we plan to invest in over the next 18 months. This is an extraordinary opportunity to see the companies you’re investing in before making a commitment, and to make your investment at a lower risk (by coming in late) but still on similar terms as our founding investors.

We are a for-profit fund – we look to provide competitive returns for our investors. How? We firmly believe that over the next 5+ years, there will be many thousands of crores of enterprise value created by companies that effectively serve the “masses” – the 1.05 billion people in India (5 out of 6 Indians) who live on an annual household income of less than INR 200,000. This market is largely under-served; many companies operate there with no competition at all; many basic needs go completely unmet. As the economy continues to improve, so will the opportunities for the best companies that serve the masses. Our goal is to own substantial stakes in a number of new companies that will capitalize on this extraordinary opportunity


LEARN more by reading the extensive posts on our site and then CONTACT us via this simple web form. We’ll get back to you promptly.

Will, Dave, and Srikrishna

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