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Vivek Kumar talks about Bodhicrew’s new venture “Bodhijobs”, a job portal aimed at the informal sector workers.

USF: What are your plans with Bodhicrew in the near future?

We’ve recently launched our new and exciting online jobs portal, www.bodhijobs.com, dedicated to informal sector workers in India. Bodhijobs.com connects the right employer with the right job seeker (e.g. domestic workers, drivers, security guards, telesales, factory workers etc) by digitizing the job related information using mobile and web technology. Bodhijobs.com is a medium to facilitate an effective and fluid meeting place for potential employers and potential employees by providing a detailed job search engine that allows users to find exactly what they are looking for.

USF: What was the thought process behind setting up “Bodhijobs” and how does it work?

Without access to job related information, informal sector job seekers and employers are heavily dependent on broker/middleman/placement agencies that extract heavy fees upfront from the job seekers & employers and simply vanish thereafter, only to surface somewhere else. The idea here is to eliminate these mediators and connect the employers and job seekers directly.

For Job Seekers, we place a greater focus on mobile as the delivery and engagement platform. Knowing that, most job seekers wouldn’t have direct Internet access; our set up relied heavily on Mobile interface. Job seekers receive direct SMS Job Alerts and can receive and respond on their phones. For employers, who are looking for dependable and reliable person, bodhijobs.com provides a complete solution right from the selection of the candidate to assistance in hassle free recruitment process including bulk recruitment, employment contract, documents, residence and police verification etc. of the potential employee.

USF: Do you see the requirement for another round of investments? If so, how would it be used?

Yes! We are now looking for infusion of money into the company. This investment would be utilized to upgrade IT hardware and software and recruit key members in the management team.

USF: Could you share some impact stories with us?

Sanam Sharma, a 19 year old hailing from West Bengal, was forced to start working at an early age to support her family. She worked as a low paid domestic help in various houses. After attending the Professional Training Program for Domestic workers by Bodhicrew, she now works at the home of a leading lawyer with Rs.6000 salary, paid leave and other perks. She has a respectable job and is now able to send money home every month. With Bodhicrew’s help, Sanam is also pursuing her own education at the employer’s residence.

USF: Is there anything else that you would like to share with the USF community at this time?

The handicapped face discrimination in recruitment, at work, and sometimes competition from the physically abled. We would encourage organizations working for the welfare of SC/STs and the Handicapped to register their Job Seekers at www.bodhijobs.com (at no cost) and facilitate better and safe employment opportunities for their beneficiaries.

We are trying to get the word out on bodhijosb.com to reach more job seekers and employers in

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