Blowhorn: Providing meaningful jobs and lasting social impact in India

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Blowhorn is a logistics platform that makes intra-city transportation hassle free by providing reliability, convenience and transparency to its customers.

In 2014, two young entrepreneurs in India’s tech capital of Bengaluru set out to solve the problem of providing market-relevant skills and meaningful jobs to the country’s large, young and growing workforce.  They did this by launching Blowhorn, an intra-city company that connects customers with mini-truck drivers to ensure the delivery of goods in a hassle-free way.

And they were successful.  Since its inception, Blowhorn has helped pave way for many of the mini-truck drivers to become micro-entrepreneurs by doubling their efficiency, utilization and income through its technology-enabled platform and strong people focus.

As you will learn from watching this video, not only is Blowhorn solving India’s logistics challenge, it’s also improving the lives of individuals and their families by providing them with employment.  One mini-truck at a time.

This article was originally published on Michael & Susan Dell Foundation’s Blog.

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