Essential Hacks
for Healthcare Startups:

Want to growth-hack your start-up? Our healthcare investment experts share essential hacks that every startup can benefit from.

Part 01:   Filing Patents

Globally, medtech is one of the most active sectors from the patent filing perspective.
In India, however, patents in medtech accounted for just 2% of the total patents filed over the last 5 years. Read this report to understand the numerous blind spots and pitfall that many startups miss at the right time.

Part 02:  Govt. Regulations

As a startup progresses from inception to commercialisation to scale, one of the most pertinent factors that will shape its operations and strategies is adherence to governmental regulations. In a diverse country such as India, where laws and governments are sometimes localized, compliance can quickly become a challenge for any startup that does not plan for it in advance. Here are some useful tips that healthcare startups should know about regulations.

Part 03:  Product Distribution

Largely fragmented and somewhat disorganized, the health-tech distribution landscape in India can be a tough one to navigate. In order to maximize distribution potential, startups utilize multiple strategies to disseminate their product(s). Read on to learn more on the several distribution models India uses and apply them to your startup.

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