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Resources to Help Your Business During COVID-19


Ways to target recession-resistant companies, Information about quickly-changing private market trends and tips from other experts dealing with COVID-19.

Best practices for founders in the wake of COVID 19


How can founders go about – Scenario planning, fundraising, company restructuring, people agenda, business continuity plan, strategic relationships / M&A, Communication, assessing/managing systemic risks, WFH + redesign of business processes, health & sanitization.

This is How Much Harder it is to Raise Capital During a Downturn

Kauffman Fellows

This means that not only were startups raising less capital but they were also selling a higher % of their company for that capital than before the 2008 crash. For example, in 2009, 30% fewer companies raised a Series A. And the companies that did successfully raise – raised 12.5% fewer dollars (a median of $3.5M) and had to sell 25% of their company (78% more). This leaves an effective post-money of = $14M post, basically half the valuation of the year before.

CEO’s Plan: Actions to take now

Bain & Company

A guide book for CEOs to follow through COVID 19.

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