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Impact Investing Reaches a Tipping Point in India

Cover for Impact Investing India ReportUnitus Ventures makes seed-stage venture investments in “BoP startups” … startups that serve large, low-income populations. Our portfolio companies create opportunities for economic self-reliance, education, healthcare, and obtaining necessities for the 1 billion people in India living at the base of the economic pyramid (BoP).

While we’re a financials-first investor, we are wholly-committed to investing in companies producing sustainable social impact. The following articles will help investors seeking such social impact understand the global state of impact investing and Unitus Ventures’s perspectives on various topics in the impact investing sector.

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Impact Investing: The Global Context 

Opportunities to do well while doing good. How “impact investing” is different from philanthropy.

Impact Investing: India Today

As India’s microfinance sector recovers, impact investors are expanding into new investment structures and new approaches to drive more impact

Impact Investing: Fueling Change in India

Impact investors are pioneering new models to improve livelihoods, health outcomes, education and more

Impact Investing: Philanthropy Accelerates the Ecosystem

Role that philanthropy plays to complement and accelerate the impact of investors in India

Measuring Impact

A state-of-the-art look at measurement and reporting of impact, from the perspectives of both entrepreneurs and investors

What is the definition of BoP (base of the economic pyramid) persons in India?

The latest data indicates that 1 billion people live on less than $2/day per capita income in India

A Commitment to Delivering Profits AND Values

Unitus Ventures’s approach to investing for profits with built-in positive community impact

Should Impact Investors be Worried about a Devalued Rupee?

Unitus Ventures sees a lower valued rupee creating creating opportunities for impact investing in India

Who are the impact investors in India?

List of seed-stage impact investors in India >
List of venture capital impact investors in India > 

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