Entrepreneurs Essentials 2 – Building a great organizational culture

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Perfecting Top Management, Creating High-Performing Teams, Learnings from Pioneers

In our second Entrepreneur Essentials packet, we bring to you a well-rounded, curated list of quality resources to help you, the entrepreneur build a thriving, high-performing organizational culture.


Perfecting the Top Management

Kalaari Capital’s Vani Kola takes cues from global and India Founders onwhat it takes to successfully transition from a Founder to a CEO. If you’re considering this move, go through her checklist and understand if you make the cut.

Think you should bring in a CEO? A smart founder understands that there is often a trade-off between creating sustainable market value and preserving control. Kauffman Foundation’s CEO Evolution – Knowing When and How to Transition Founder Leadership to Growth Leadership” deep dives in to when and how to find the right CEO and make a mutually-beneficial transition.

Read the complete paper here >

Building a Great Board

A board must have the right combination of skill sets, backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to probe management strategic assumptions and help the company navigate in an increasingly volatile global environment. In their survey report of over 2300 directors and senior executives around the world, KPMG’s ‘Building a Great Board’ talks about how boards approach composition, potential “blind spots” that need to be addressed to build high-performing boards.

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Creating High-Performing Teams

Hiring the Right Employees

It’s imperative to hire originals early on, to seed a resilient culture, anticipate market movements and repurpose dissent. Wharton Professor Adam Grant dives into identifying and hiring trailblazers, non-conformists & originals for your company and the difference they can make.

The Case to Hire Originals at Startups >

The Science of Building Great Teams

Through research across innovation teams, customer-facing teams in banks, backroom operations team and more, MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory deconstructs the elusive group dynamics that characterize high-performing teams and helps understand how these dynamics are observable, quantifiable and measurable.

The chemistry of high-performing teams is no longer a mystery >

Defining an Enviable Company Culture

Can a company with 400 employees serving 80 million users be crappy? Yes. This was Facebook in 2008. In her article ‘80% of Your Culture is Your Founder’, Molly Graham, who managed Culture and Employment Branding for the company talks about what startup founders have to gain from defining culture early and often, and how to do this when there are dozens of competing priorities.

Why culture is the backbone of a company’s hyper-growth >


Learnings from Pioneers

This company boasts a 95 per cent employee retention rate, and has never laid off an employee. In this exclusive interview with Joel Grossman, COO of LocationLabs, he describes what a high-retention culture looks like and how to build one from scratch. He shares the tactics founders can use even before they start interviewing to boost their retention.

Read to know how to build a successful company from scratch >

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