New Street Tech

Increasing financial accessibility for moderate-income Indians through a blockchain driven platform.

Microfinance industry recorded a growth of 51 percent year-on-year in the second quarter of 2018-19 with total Gross Loan Portfolio (GLP) standing at INR 1,46,741 crore. Microfinance institutions, banks, regulators, government agencies, grassroots organizations: all participate in delivering credit to the poorest sections of India.

The existing structure that delivers micro-credit is fraught with multiple inefficiencies. It is complex and has a multi-layered delivery structure that is expensive and lacks transparency. In addition, information flow is unidirectional and static, documentation is largely manual and processes are taxing. Each lender has their own parallel delivery structure into the same markets or customers leading to further redundancies. Thanks to these operational inefficiencies, MFIs spend over 70% of their operations costs on collections. All this makes it difficult or unfeasible to serve India’s masses with reliable banking opportunities.


The New Street Technologies’ platform aims to disrupt the last mile delivery of financial services through a customer-centric, digital platform. In addition to radically improving the delivery of existing financial services, New Street Technologies has the potential to provide banks with access to new market segments. The company’s flagship platform – MIFIX brings together, banks, business correspondents and cash outlets to efficiently originate and manage credit through easy integration with existing systems and processes.


Since inception, the New Street Technologies platform has enabled loans worth INR 15.6 crore to more than 5,200 borrowers.

Company leadership

Sajeev Viswanathan, Chairman & CEO Sajeev served at Citigroup for over 18 years, and in his last assignment there, was Managing Director, Global Receivables and Trade Finance.  Most recently he was Executive Director & President, Earthport PLC an LSE (AIM) listed payments company headquartered in London. Previously, Sajeev held the position of MD & CEO of Bhartiya Samruddhi Financial Services (a part of the BASIX Group), a well-known microfinance company in India. Sajeev has also served as  Advisor to banks, technology, and retail distribution companies.

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