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Building India’s largest outcome focused ‘bootcamp’ style online coding academy.

Masai School is a 21st-century career focussed coding school.

Masai School is on a mission to find untapped or underutilized talent and to train them for the most in-demand jobs in the world. Masai School is introducing a new model of higher education in which the school invests in the students, instead of the other way around.


Traditional higher education models are expensive and inaccessible to most students. Companies are now looking for skilled coders who come prepared with an attitude to grow their careers.

Masai helps aspiring students from engineering and non-engineering backgrounds, to take up the challenge of learning coding and finding a career path for themselves.

Masai follows the ISA (Income Sharing Agreement) model which allows for students to ‘Study now and Pay later’ the course fee of ₹2.5 lakh for Full Stack Web, Android Development courses and ₹3 lakh for Software Development Engineer course is paid by the students after they get high paying, relevant jobs.

Company leadership

Prateek Shukla, Co-Founder and CEO Prateek holds a B.Tech degree from IIT Kanpur, with a specialization in Material Science and Engineering. He has been in the startup industry since 2013, having founded Grabhouse right after he completed his graduation. Grabhouse was acquired by Quikr in November 2016.
Yogesh Bhat, Co-founder & SVP Yogesh is an IIM Bangalore graduate, has more than 25 years of corporate experience in learning & development, sales & sales management and operations across varied industries & geographies. At Masai School, Yogesh covers strategic partnership and alliances, programme design and facilitation.
Nrupul Dev, Co-founder and CTO Nrupul has served as the tech lead and as a consultant in companies such as Digital Aristotle, Helping Doc, Acadly. He is an IIT Kanpur graduate, and leads technical operations at Masai School.

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