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Neuro vestibular diagnosis based on eye tracking

Worldwide, there are over a billion patients suffering from various neuro vestibular conditions like vertigo, migraine, concussion, ADHD etc. All these medical conditions have something in common apart from causing significant physical, psychological, social and emotional trauma. They all throw up manifestations in the eyes, in the form of pupil movements. Despite scientific evidence linking pupil movement to various neuro vestibular disorders, clinicians, so far have been largely relying on imaging technologies like CT and MRI to get diagnostic insights. Both these modalities are not widely available in emerging markets and come with great cost constraints.


Eye tracking based diagnosis can be nimble, accurate, easy to implement, easy to own and comes at a fraction of the cost of a CT or an MRI.

Cyclops Medtech is building diagnostic products for various neuro vestibular disorders based on eye tracking. Their first product, BalanceEye is a clinical diagnostic platform to determine the root cause for dizziness and balance disorders.

It’s important for clinicians to find out the root cause of dizziness. I’t helps clinicians to precisely identify the area of the lesion and thereby plan treatment accordingly. It is a 3 tiered solution comprising of a proprietary hardware, advanced image processing technology and cloud-based machine learning driven interpretation modules.


Within 14 months of the launch, they reached a mark of 100 installations. A large number of these installations are from tier 2 and tier 3 towns. Prior to launching BalanceEye, patients had to travel hundreds of kilometers to the nearest metro or a tier 1 city to get diagnosed. We have democratized the availability of state of the art diagnosis and made it extremely affordable. So far over 25,000 tests have been performed on our platform and many alarming conditions. Before BalanceEye, India had very few dizziness and balance assessment platforms and most were located in metros or tier 1 cities. Currently, the startup is a market leader in its space with close to 62% of the market share.

Company leadership

Dr. Srinivas Dorasala, Co-founder Dr. Srinivas is a ENT Surgeon specializing in diagnosing and treating patients suffering from neuro vestibular disorders. Prior to co-founding Cyclops, he was heading the department of ENT at a large tertiary care hospital. He is a KOL and a sought out speaker with many publications to his credit. He regularly conducts workshops and delivers lectures across the country. He has done his MS in ENT from JNMC, Belgaum. At Cyclops he takes care of product innovation and development.
Niranjan Subbarao, Co-founder Niranjan is a marketing professional and an entrepreneur with close to 2 decades of industry experience. During his tenure in the advertising industry, he has worked extensively with clients in the technology and healthcare domain. Prior to starting Cyclops, he was part of another medical content and conferencing startup which he had founded in 2008. He has done his MBA from Alliance Business School, Bangalore. At Cyclops, he takes care of sales and marketing, strategy and partnerships.
Dr. Ravi Nayar, Co-founder Dr. Nayar is a ENT and Head and Neck Surgeon and a senior academician. He was earlier heading the department of ENT at St John’s Medical College and Research Centre. He is a medtech innovator and mentors many early stage med tech companies. He also conducts medtech innovation programs in engineering colleges. He has done his MS in ENT from PGIMS, Chandigarh, followed by a DCCF from Paris. He is also a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Scotland (FRCS). At Cyclops, Dr. Nayar is senior advisor focusing on research and publications.

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