Tech platform for businesses to execute tasks, packaged as virtual paid internships for college students.

Companies have large chunks of work (customer due diligence, e-KYC verification, merchant onboarding, audit of existing and potential customers, on-field training of vendors, high volume calling and customer feedback) for which they hire different manpower vendors across India. In addition to being expensive, companies struggle with finding coverage in remote locations and it is a hassle to manage multiple vendors. There is also a challenge that these vendors are unable to cope with the demand predictability that results in slow service and increased costs for the customer.


Awign is a crowdsourcing platform that enables companies to outsource their tasks that would require human presence at reduced costs by tapping into a distributed college student workforce – an Amazon Mechanical Turk for offline/non-internet based tasks.

Awign executes this through its unique concept of ‘Crowdsourcing in Outsourcing’ wherein it crowdsources the needs of multiple industries, converts them into live projects and assigns these to India’s massive student community in the form of virtual internships.

For businesses, Awign offers the convenience of outsourcing without having to manage the whole process, reduce their fixed costs and time taken to complete the projects and ensure that the projects completed are genuine. For students, Awign gives them access to income while studying, and, more importantly, exposure to industry work, which builds requisite skills in them and makes them more employable – a huge offering in a country like India where only 26% of college graduates are employable.


Awign is currently operational in 130 cities in India. Since founding in November 2016, Awign has worked with over 20 clients across multiple sectors such as ecommerce, IT & ITeS, BFSI, FMCG, media and entertainment, infrastructure and logistics.

More than 5,000 students have successfully completed an internship with Awign, earning an average stipend of Rs 6000 – 7000 per month and nearly 50,000 students are currently registered on the platform.

Company leadership

Annanya Sarthak, Co-founder Sarthak is an entrepreneur, visionary and before everything an ops guy. He has worked extensively in management consulting, formulating operations strategies and implementing the same at ground level as well. He is a mechanical engineering graduate from IIT Ropar and currently leads operations, human resource and finance at Awign.
Gurpreet Singh, Co-founder Gurpreet is the Biz Dev guy, driving Sales, Marketing, Client Management and Strategy at Awign. With strong technical experience of working in a networking startup, Gurpreet also acts as the bridge between product and operations teams. He holds a B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering from IIT Ropar.
Praveen Kumar Sah, Co-founder Praveen is a Computer Science Engineering graduate from IIT Ropar and leads technology at Awign. He is an engineer at heart and with experience of driving product at Flipkart, Ola and another startup, he is one of bests in the market when it comes to building a product that’s suited for masses.

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