India is on a race of growth. Growth comes with problems that need solving. Unemployment or scaling through employment are a significant problem in our country.

Entrepreneurs are on fire and startups are coming up with innovative solutions to address India’s skilling problems.

If your business is providing a technology-based solution to address problems such as reskilling, skill gaps, or job matching, we’re here to help you scale.

Tackling Skills Mismatch​

Upskilling for Changing Careers

Future of Work (Freelancing, Gig economy jobs etc.)

Job matching

Staffing Agencies

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The Winnings

Opportunity to access equity investment of upto USD $1 Million from Unitus Ventures

Access to industry leaders and advisors in India’s Employment sector

Dates & Details


  • Must be a for-profit company incorporated in India and focusing on Employment sector.
  • Must be led by a professional (not a full-time student).


  • Applications open on 5th November @ 12PM.
  • Last date to apply is 26th November @ 11.59PM.
  • Top selected teams will be contacted via email and later announced.


  • Fill out application form below. Be careful and thoughtful when doing so. Tip: Sooner, the better.
  • Think hard about how your start-up is unique and why your business makes a difference.
  • Stick to timelines. We are very particular about that.
  • Tip to WINNumbers matter. See how you can quantify progress and proposition well.

Application Form

Thank you for showing interest in the Unitus Jobtech 2.0. We’ve now closed applications for the campaign and are currently evaluating over 200 startups. We encourage you to continue to visit our website for further updates.

We’re always accepting applications from startups working across education, healthcare and financial technology.

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Why These
Verticals Matter

Tackling Skills Mismatch​

Internet and mobile led skilling solutions to create a larger pool of high-quality skilled labour in the market who otherwise are unable to find employment due to lack of relevant skills.

Upskilling for Changing Careers

Online learning platforms that help students and young professionals explore alternate career options and quickly acquire necessary skills can help place them into better-paying opportunities.


Tech-based platforms that connect freelancing youth and casual workers to employers and jobs, allowing them to earn as per their potential.

Job Matching

Tech-enabled platforms that can effectively assess the skills of potential job seekers and find jobs better suited to their background and potential.

Staffing Agencies

Platform-based solutions catering to blue-collar workers which facilitate easier job search, faster onboarding and their placement into good quality jobs.

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