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UE lifesciences

UE LifeSciences’ flagship device, iBreastExam is a high-tech, ultra-portable and radiation-free device that provides access to a painless breast health examination and to early detection of breast lesions.

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i3 Systems

i3 Systems, through its data-centric digital solutions and AI products that enable accurate and automated health insurance underwriting and claims processing.

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AddressHealth Clinics is a chain of ‘one stop shop’ child health clinics, offering affordable preventive and primary health services to children through comprehensive school health programs.

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Cyclops Medtech

Cyclops Medtech is building diagnostic products for various neuro vestibular disorders based on eye tracking. Their first product, BalanceEye is a clinical diagnostic platform to determine the root cause for dizziness and balance disorders.

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5C Network

5C Network gives every hospital or diagnostic center, irrespective of its location, on-demand access to India’s largest and most reliable network of specialist radiologists.

What we
are interested in

Primarily, your success.

And we believe that can only come from businesses that have products / services with a potential for increasing access to, and affordability of healthcare services. We are currently seeking to invest in startups across these areas –

Medical Devices

Digital Health

Healthcare Services

Health Analytics and AI

If your business is set on technology with the potential to increase access to affordable, quality healthcare in India,

How we support

We don’t just invest. 
We partner and help you with the essentials of –

  1. Structuring the right unit economics model
  2. Identifying and building effective sales channels
  3. Monetization and growth strategies
  4. Connecting you to regional and global industry experts, associations and professionals to accelerate your business
  5. Helping you raise follow-on funding

What you'd
be interested in

We have several interesting ways you can connect with us –

Early Stage Funding

We’re always eager to meet enterprising founders. Apply to us for funding and if you the right fit, we would love to invest and partner with you.

AmpHealth Program

Is your business not at seed stage but still in need of funding? Our AmpHealth program provides infusion of catalytic funding prior to early-stage funding and business support through our partners. 

Why Healthcare

In India, on one hand there are state-of-the-art healthcare delivery centres and on the other, there is a significant dearth of trained manpower across the country. As a result, for more than 70% people healthcare services are either inaccessible or unaffordable.

At Unitus Seed Fund, we believe technology and low-cost innovation are playing a crucial role in bridging these gaps. With healthcare being one of our core focus areas, we continually look to invest in early-stage startups that have the potential to increase access and affordability of healthcare in India. Our healthcare investment may even be pre-supported with non-dilutive catalytic capital through our AmpHealth program.

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