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Utter empowers the blue-collar workforce (app-based cab drivers, food delivery workers, e-commerce delivery staff etc), by providing on-demand skill learning in local languages through smartphones at a very low cost.

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Awign is a crowdsourcing platform that enables companies to outsource their tasks that would require human presence at reduced costs by tapping into a distributed college student workforce in the form of virtual internships.

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Eduvanz is making skill-education accessible by offering financing for a broad range of courses ranging from Big Data, Artificial Intelligence to training for Carpentry, Welding and  Spoken English courses.

What we
are interested in

Primarily, your success.

And we believe that can only come from businesses that have products / services with a potential for mass scale. We are currently looking to invest in startups across these areas –

Upskilling for career change

Future of Work (Freelancing, Gig economy jobs etc.)

Job matching

Skills for jobs of tomorrow

If your business is set on technology with the potential to increase access to enhance employability and employment in India,

How we support

We don’t just invest. 
We partner and help you with the essentials of –

  1. Structuring the right unit economics model
  2. Identifying and building effective sales channels
  3. Monetization and growth strategies
  4. Connecting you to regional and global industry experts, associations and professionals to accelerate your business
  5. Helping you raise follow-on funding

What you'd
be interested in

We have several interesting ways you can connect with us –

Early Stage Funding

We’re always eager to meet enterprising founders. Apply to us for funding and if you the right fit, we would love to invest and partner with you.

Why Jobtech

India needs to create a workforce that is skilled enough to fill over 100+ million jobs to continue being the fastest growing economy.

The current workforce suffers from an acute skill gap with no comprehensive solution addressing it. We want startups helping workers upgrade their skill set to ensure they are able to enter the workforce.

Upskilling for Career change

There are platforms that provide tech-enabled training solutions to people who otherwise are unable to find employment due to lack of relevant skills. These include solutions that teach various trades, communication skills, soft skills and basic computer literacy.

For example: Our portfolio company, Utter imparts English fluency training and workplace skills via chatbots and live tutors.

Future of Work (Freelancing, Gig-economy jobs etc.)

In the recent past, we have been seeing a definite move away from the traditional idea of employees working full time for a fixed number of hours. Catalyzed by high unemployment rates among graduates, there is a pressing need for startups that are helping individuals become micro-entrepreneurs or full-time freelancers.

For example: Our portfolio company, Awign helps students acquire professional experience and job exposure by packaging micro-tasks from companies as paid internships.

Job matching

Tech-enabled platforms that can effectively assess the skills of potential job seekers and find jobs better suited to their background and potential. This can tackle the problem of underemployment, ensuring qualified candidates are placed in jobs commensurate to their education and experience.

Skills for future jobs

With the growth of sectors such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and IoT, the requirement of skillsets to survive jobs largely varies from those of today. As technologies emerge, soft skills, data literacy, and other transferable skills will be in demand. We’re looking for startups that help people learn these skills to add positively to economic growth.

For example: Our portfolio company, Eduvanz makes skill-education accessible by offering financing for a broad range of courses ranging from Big Data to training for Carpentry, Welding and  Spoken English courses.

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