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Milaap is an online crowdfunding platform that enables anyone across India to raise funds for healthcare, education, sports, disaster relief and other personal causes, with great ease.

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BetterPlace enables India’s blue collar workforce get access to jobs, skills and trainings in their local language, access to banking solutions, credit, insurance, quality healthcare, etc. by providing solutions that build and leverage their digital profiles.

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Awign is a crowdsourcing platform that enables companies to outsource their tasks that would require human presence at reduced costs by tapping into a distributed college student workforce in the form of virtual internships.

What we
are interested in

Primarily, your success.

And we believe that can only come from businesses that have products / services with a potential for increasing access to, and affordability of financial services. We are currently seeking to invest in startups across these areas –

Vertical Focused Lending: education, healthcare, agri etc.

Savings & investment platforms

SME Digitization & Lending

Last-mile financial services distribution

If your business is set on technology with the potential to increase access to affordable, quality financial services in India,

How we support

We don’t just invest. 
We partner and help you with the essentials of –

  1. Structuring the right unit economics model
  2. Identifying and building effective sales channels
  3. Monetization and growth strategies
  4. Connecting you to regional and global industry experts, associations and professionals to accelerate your business
  5. Helping you raise follow-on funding

What you'd
be interested in

We have several interesting ways you can connect with us –

Early Stage Funding

We’re always eager to meet enterprising founders. Apply to us for funding and if you the right fit, we would love to invest and partner with you.

Virtual Meetups

We regularly organise virtual pitching events called “Investor Fridays” where you can pitch your startup to us. We announce them through our emails. 

Why Financial Technology

Proliferation of technology in everyday lives, willingness to borrow and ease of access to credit with the power to dramatically change lives – these are the main reasons why we, at Unitus Ventures, are chasing ‘FinTech’ startups. 

The power to create a multiplier effect is what draws investors, whether mainstream or impact-focused, to FinTech companies. The ‘Uberization’ of banking, the ‘WhatsApp’ moment in the financial sector, the ‘Unbundling’ of banks – whatever words one may select to describe the ‘FinTech’ revolution, the truth is that startups creating true mass scale disruption are here to stay. With an inherent potential for mass scale impact by leveraging technology to provide financial services in a cost-effective manner, Fintech firms can leapfrog the borrower’s and their family’s standard of living.

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