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Disrupting the K8 tuitions market with micro-franchisee, affordable after-school math learning programs. Based on adaptive and gamified learning, Cuemath partners with qualified women tutors who facilitate the entire pre-designed curriculum.

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Utter empowers the blue-collar workforce (app-based cab drivers, food delivery workers, e-commerce delivery staff etc), by providing on-demand skill learning in local languages through smartphones at a very low cost.

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Awign is a crowdsourcing platform that enables companies to outsource their tasks that would require human presence at reduced costs by tapping into a distributed college student workforce in the form of virtual internships.

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Hippocampus Learning Centres (HLC) addresses the glaring gaps in the local education system by establishing kindergarten and after-school support centres within the villages and these are operated by trained local women.

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By partnering with colleges, SalesKen works directly with college graduates and impacts critical success skillsets required for business and commerce graduates to be employable post-graduation.

What we
are interested in

Primarily, your success.

And we believe that can only come from businesses that have products / services with a potential for mass scale. We are currently seeking to invest in startups across these areas –

21st Century Skills
for K-12 students
(Ex: Coding etc.)

Assessments &
Outcome driven

K12 service delivery
in APS (Affordable Private Schools)

If your business is set on technology with the potential to increase access to affordable, quality education in India,

How we support

We don’t just invest. 
We partner and help you with the essentials of –

  1. Structuring the right unit economics model
  2. Identifying and building effective sales channels
  3. Monetization and growth strategies
  4. Connecting you to regional and global industry experts, associations and professionals to accelerate your business
  5. Helping you raise follow-on funding

What you'd
be interested in

We have several interesting ways you can connect with us –

Early Stage Funding

We’re always eager to meet enterprising founders. Apply to us for funding and if you the right fit, we would love to invest and partner with you.

Virtual Meetups

We regularly organise virtual pitching events called “Investor Fridays” where you can pitch your startup to us. We announce them through our emails. 

Why Education

India has one of the largest education systems in the world with nearly 1.5 Mn schools and ~250 Mn students. While 25% of all K-12 schools are private schools, they contribute to nearly 40% of the enrolment. This scale extends to even higher education where India has ~36,000 institutes enrolling over 30M students. 

 The total education market in India is currently pegged at ~$100 Bn with higher education contributing to 60%, school education at 38% and pre-school segment at 2%. However, despite the huge numbers and the fact that education continues to be the highest spend for any household after food and grocery; the quality of education leaves a lot to be desired.

With the private sector expected to account for 55-60% share in overall enrolment in K-12 schools by 2022, there will be a growing trend of adoption of ancillary tools that can improve the delivery of education. This poses a huge opportunity for startups aiming to improve the learning outcomes of students who are teaching students in a way they want to learn – byte sized content offered in a gamified environment fostering peer to peer learning. They are able to engage and retain students’ attention far more effectively. In the next 15 years, India will be among the youngest nations in the world with nearly 140 Mn people in the college-going age group.

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