Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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i3 Systems, through its data-centric digital solutions and AI products that enable accurate and automated health insurance underwriting and claims processing.

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5C Network

5C Network gives every hospital or diagnostic center, irrespective of its location, on-demand access to India’s largest and most reliable network of specialist radiologists.

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Predible Health

Predible empowers physicians via its deep learning-based platform to uncover data-driven insights and provide high-quality, personalized cancer care.

What we
are interested in

Primarily, your success.

And we believe that can only come from businesses that have products / services with a potential for mass scale. We are currently looking to invest in startups across these areas –

analytics & AI

Job matching
& Upskilling

Artificial Intelligence based solutions in Fintech

Assessments &
Outcome-driven edtech solutions

If your business is set on having AI / ML lead to improve products and delivery of services in education, job-tech, fin-tech and healthcare in India,

How we support

We don’t just invest. 
We partner and help you with the essentials of –

  1. Structuring the right unit economics model
  2. Identifying and building effective sales channels
  3. Monetization and growth strategies
  4. Connecting you to regional and global industry experts, associations and professionals to accelerate your business
  5. Helping you raise follow-on funding

What you'd
be interested in

We have several interesting ways you can connect with us –

Early Stage Funding

We’re always eager to meet enterprising founders. Apply to us for funding and if you the right fit, we would love to invest and partner with you.

Virtual Meetups

We regularly organise virtual pitching events called “Investor Fridays” where you can pitch your startup to us. We announce them through our emails. 

Why Artificial Intelligence

AI-based startups started emerging in India in 2016. By 2018, about USD $88 million was raised by AI startups in Bangalore alone.

With dearth of trained manpower required to perform sophisticated jobs, India is all the more in need of enabling AI. For e.g. even with all the support from government and private interest, healthcare is inaccessible or unaffordable to over 70% of the population.

At Unitus Ventures we believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) have seen tremendous uptake by entrepreneurs, and potential in sectors such as healthcare, jobtech, fintech, education to provide accessible and affordable business solutions for people in India.

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