Brand Styleguide

This simple kit is for using the Unitus Ventures logo in conjunction with our brand guidelines.

This guide was designed to help tell the Unitus Ventures story in a consistent and compelling way. When we pair a strong logo system with a rich palette of color, type and imagery, we form the basis of the Unitus Ventures’ identity system.

The standards extend to the use of logos, colors, typography and other matters that affect Unitus Ventures’ identity.

Logo Usage

The main logo (Full-color logo) should be used on all public-facing materials (direct mail, advertisements, the homepage of the website, etc.).

The alternate logos (Full-color white, Single-color, Single-color white) are acceptable for audiences that are already familiar with the Unitus Ventures brand or for internal documents. When in doubt, use the full logo or contact the Marketing Team for clarification/guidance.

This is our primary logo.

Note the horizontal lockup.

On light backgrounds, use our full-color logo.

Printing in single color? Use our Nero colored logo.

On dark backgrounds, use our full-color logo with white text.

On red, yellow and orange colored backgrounds, use our white logo.


The clear space (or exclusion zone) may be white, the color of the background or a simple area of a photo. The clear space should never be cropped or infringed upon in any way.

Our logo should always have space to breathe. The minimum clear space is the height of the letter “u”. We call the space around our logo the red zone. Please don’t put stuff in it.

Logo Dont's

The logo should never be altered in any way. Though not an exhaustive list, here are some things NOT to do:

“Unitus” should never be used without “ventures”.

Our logo has three dots over “u” and none over “i”. Please don’t write “i” in simple text format.  

Please don’t change the color and style of “ventures” or the three dots.

Please don’t modify, distort or alter the proportions of the logo.

Please don’t use the full-color logo with white text on red, orange or yellow backgrounds.

Please kindly refrain from using a grayscale version of the logo.

Rastafarian themes are not part of our brand. Please don’t use this or other themes with our logo.

Please don’t surround the logo with—or place over—a pattern, image or design.

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